About Us:


Centro Systems Ltd offers a complete range of IT solutions, which can create new, and develop existing, business activities to take your company forward. Centro Systems Ltd will establish the critical flow of information around your computer network and identify means whereby internal and external communication can improve your business probability.

IT Equipment

We can provide you with the latest technologies from the major manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Sony, and TOSHIBA to name but a few, many of these organisations have a partner program with ourselves.


Coupled with our success in providing the “Badge Name” high street products we build our own ”Clone” systems which are of the same quality as the high street products but have the benefit of improving your budget levels by virtue of the lower pricing assigned to our custom built units. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation for all or any of your IT requirements and look forward to demonstrating the advantages of building a relationship with you, for further information email


We have more than 30 years of experience in providing Application Development and hardware infrastructure solutions to organisations around the world. Our solutions have been addressing the needs of industries such as banking, financial services, insurance, telecom, retail, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities and the government




Centro Systems Ltd encompass a broad range of operating systems knowledge including, MICROSOFT, UNIX, NOVELL & VMS.


Systems Development

This vital process in system development ensures the continual growth of your company. While some individuals adopt the attitude of “This will do the job” the informed correct approach ensures that funds are not wasted on inappropriate equipment or solutions.



The way systems talk to each other is the core of any business organisation. The key is connectivity created by skilled, competent individuals.Centro Systems Ltd conducts both internal and external training programs for their technicians to ensure the most up-to-date language and routes are used when configuring your system.


Project Management

Project Management can provide huge benefits to organisations of all sizes and is widely recognized as the nest way to gain the most business value from limited resources. We make it easy to understand with our unique six-part process of Definition. Groundwork, Selection, Prioritization, Authorisation and Activation. Everything you need to implement your current and future requirements. Our quality processes are aimed at developing applications using scalable and extensible architectures for a wide range of industries.

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